Applicant Walkthrough Guide

Before You Begin

Verify that the applicant has all necessary information:

  • High School Address

  •  GED test location address

  •  Social Security Number

  •  Two emergency contacts

  •  Two Job opportunity contacts

Getting Started

Copy and paste the Online Application Link provided in Salesforce.

  • Review the details at the top of the page for correct Rep, Campus and Program details

  • Be sure the applicant records password and email separately


Step 1: Applicant Information

Part 1: Background

If applicant is under 18, their parent will need to enter applicant’s date of birth and social security number to create parent account.

Part 2: High School

If more than one school, click “add school” at the bottom of the high school entry process.

Please list schools regardless of graduation status.

Part 3: Secondary Education

College, a trade school, or any other sort of education after high school can be entered here. Click “add school” at the bottom of the high school entry process.

Part 4: Emergency Contacts

In case of emergency, we need contact information for people we can reach out to. A minimum of 2 emergency contacts are required.

Part 5: Job Contacts

List the names of persons we could contact to inform the applicant of an available job opportunity.

Do NOT use the people that have been listed as parents, spouses, or emergency contacts. A minimum of 2 job contacts are required.

Step 2: Information Release

This section allows applicants to authorize or restrict from releasing your information to different entities. The applicant may add additional people at the top by clicking the add person button

Select YES / NO for options at the bottom (release info to employers and use their educational success stories in the future)

Step 3: Travel

We want to help applicants find jobs after graduation. To do this, we need to know how far applicants are willing to travel. Select one of the options related to how far the applicant are willing to travel.

NOTE: Reinforce the fact that being open to jobs outside of their current location will increase the chance of finding a job and possibly receiving a higher salary. To move forward they must acknowledge that we cannot guarantee employment, but we will do our best to help place them in a paying position.

Step 4: Financial Aid

Select all options for how the applicant plans to pay for their schooling (multiple options can be selected).

Step 5: Enrollment

Part 1: Background

  1. Class Time

  2. Start Date


Part 2: Gear Package

This is a display of what supplies and equipment the student will be responsible for purchasing. No input needed here.

Part 3: Enrollment Agreement

This step requires a significant amount of reading. Be prepared to answer questions and help the applicant understand what they are committing to. The enrollment agreement varies in certain states, so additional fields may be required based upon state.

Total pricing breakdown happens on this page. Be prepared to discuss pricing with the applicant.

Encourage applicants to check off the media release and cell phone contact release.

Part 4: School Tour Acknowledgement

Applicant needs to input date of their campus tour and whether it was virtual or physical. There is also a link to the virtual tour at the top of the screen.

Part 5: Distance Acknowledgement

Applicant needs to answer questions about their ability to work remotely, via internet

Part 6: Enrollment Agreement Amendments

Depending on the state, the applicant may or may not have an amendment to agree to.

Step 7: Training Location

Applicant may need to acknowledge that there are additional training locations. These are very close to the main campus locations and should not present any travel challenges.

Step 8: Signature and Payment

Part 1: Pre-Signature Review

Applicant will have an opportunity to review their information and ensure all is correct

Part 2: Signature and Payment


Have the applicant check the box and type their name exactly as it appears on your application. If they mistype their name, an alert will prompt them with their name as we have it on file.

Payment Details

Applicants are required to pay a registration fee of $25 at the time of signing an Enrollment Agreement and will pay the additional $25 at a later date.

Enrollment System - Parent Walkthrough Guide

Before You Begin

In order to make a Parent account you must have the social security number and date of birth for the applicant you are representing. Make sure the applicant has completed the enrollment form in it’s entirety or else the system will not able to locate them and you will not be able to create an account.

Getting Started


Click the get started under the ‘Parent’ section to begin. This will take you to the registration form. As mentioned above, you will need to enter your applicants SSN and date of birth to be able to create an account.

Step 1: Enrollment

Part 1: Enrollment Agreement

In this section, the cost of the applicant’s tuition, as well as, their desired method of payment are detailed.

Please also note the advertising release and cell phone texting permissions. Photos and video are
often taken on our campuses for publicity, promotion, and advertising purposes. All applicants must decide on if they wish to take part; they may offer their consent or vice versa in this section.

Applicants can also opt-in to receiving text messages to their cell phones containing school-related information in this section as well.

Part 2: State Amendment

The student may or may not have an amendment to agree to. This is totally dependent upon the state they live in.

Step 2: Signature / Submit

To submit this form, the parent must agree that the information that they have given is as accurate and completed to the best of their knowledge.

Finally, the parent must type their name exactly as it appears on your application. If they mistype their name, an alert will prompt them with their name as we have it on file.