Admin - Homepage and Search Tools


The latest update to the enrollment system includes an overhaul of the home page as well as new features for easing management of applications. Searching on the home page now facilitates managing applications pending for MTP, applications ready for campus rep or president signature, as well as viewing the current status of complete and in progress applications.

Home Page Overview


The new home page will look very familiar. It still consists of search tools at the top and results displayed below but there are a few key updates. The search inputs have been updated to ease filtering and finding applications. The columns in the results table have also been updated to keep the most important information front and center.

New Search Inputs


There is now one global text search field that can be used to search for students by name, email, or even their Salesforce ID. Along with the new text search we’ve added a dropdown selector to filter applications based on their military status. The rest of the search inputs on the homepage have always been around, we’ve just rearranged them a little to make them easier to see.

  • Name/Email/SFID - a universal text input that searches against applicants’ names, email addresses, and SFIDs. This includes partial matches so if you only have partial information about a student that should be enough to find them

  • Dropdown Selectors - each of these filters for students whose current application matches the selected option. They can be used individually or together. If selecting an option in more than one input, applications that match all of the selected criteria will be included in the results.

    • Note that the Campus selector is hidden for campus representatives who are only assigned to one campus.

  • Date ranges - these allow for searching for students whose current application was submitted or has a class start date in the range provided.

Students with multiple applications 

Searches on the homepage will no longer show multiple applications for the same student. Now each student that matches the search inputs will be displayed along with info about their current application. In order to see information about their previous applications click on their row in the results to see a detailed view of the student, their current application and information on all previous applications.