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  • High School Address

  •  GED test location address

  •  Social Security Number

  •  Two emergency contacts

  •  Two Job opportunity contacts

Getting Started

Click the get started under the ‘applicant’ section to begin. This will take the applicant to the registration form.


Copy and paste the Online Application Link provided in Salesforce.

  • Review the details at the top of the page for correct Rep, Campus and Program details

  • Be sure the applicant records password and email separately

  • Make sure the proper campus has been selected

  • Make sure the applicant selects your name from the “Campus Representative” drop down

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Step 1: Applicant Information


Step 5: Enrollment


Part 1: Background

  1. Select Campus

  2. Program

  3. Class Time

  4. Start Date

  5. Campus Representative

NOTE: Non-Tulsa applicants sometimes get confused on this step and select “Tulsa” because the name of the school is “Tulsa Welding School”

Make sure they have selected the proper campus!

Step 5: Enrollment (cont’d)


Part 2: Gear Package

This is a display of what supplies and equipment the student will be responsible for purchasing. No input needed here.

Part 3: Enrollment Agreement

This step requires a significant amount of reading. Be prepared to answer questions and help the applicant understand what they are committing to. The enrollment agreement varies in certain states, so additional fields may be required based upon state.


Encourage applicants to check off the media release and cell phone contact release.

Part 4: School Tour Acknowledgement

Applicant needs to input date of their campus tour and whether it was virtual or physical. There is also a link to the virtual tour at the top of the screen.

Part 5: Distance Acknowledgement


Applicant needs to answer questions about their ability to work remotely, via internet

Part 6: Enrollment Agreement



Depending on the state, the applicant may or may not have an amendment to agree to.


Have the applicant read through the scheduling information and then proceed to the next step. This does not currently apply to the Houston Campus


Step 7: Training Location

Applicant may need to acknowledge that there are additional training locations. These are very close to the main campus locations and should not present any travel challenges.



8: Signature and Payment

Part 1: Pre-Signature Review

Applicant will have an opportunity to review their information and ensure all is correct

Part 2: Signature and Payment



Have the applicant check the box and type their name exactly as it appears on your application. If they mistype their name, an alert will prompt them with their name as we have it on file.


Part 1: Payment Method

Applicants can select either to pay by credit card or check / money order.

NOTE: If there is an upcoming tuition increase, we encourage applicants to pay by credit card because their application fee payment locks in their tuition rate.


Payment Details

Applicants are required to pay a registration fee of $25 at the time of signing an Enrollment Agreement and will pay the additional $25 at a later date. Cash payments can only be made in person to their admissions representative. If they are making a payment by mail, please make their personal check or money order payable to the school. See application for payment and mailing address details.

If the applicant chooses to pay by check, tell them to put their full name and social security number on the check, sign it, and mail it to their campus at the address indicated in their application.

Applicants can select to change between credit / check at the bottom of the screen by clicking on “Change Payment Type”

NOTE: The only place to pay by credit card is in the applicant application. If the applicant is using their parent’s card at a later time, they will have to log in again as a applicant to complete the process. They need to log back in, not create a new account.

Enrollment System -


Parent Walkthrough Guide

Before You Begin

In order to make a Parent account you must have the social security number and date of birth for the applicant you are representing. Make sure the applicant has completed the enrollment form in it’s entirety or else the system will not able to locate them and you will not be able to create an account.